Discover 10 travel essentials for your wandering heart!


If you’re an avid reader, you know a good book is the perfect travel companion. Not only does reading provide mental stimulation, it can also relief stress due to anxiety. If you’re not into long novels, try reading a self-help book or something else informative. At the very least, grab a few magazines and read the articles that grab your attention.

2. Aromatherapy 

Keep your senses heightened with aromatherapy from essential oils. Traveling can make us feel tired, draggy and anxious. Keeping your senses alert with essential oils can help reduce jet lag, alleviate nervousness, boost energy, calm the mind, and restore peace for the body.

3. Comfort

Comfort is essential for travel, rather it be by air or car. If you like to sleep comfortably while traveling, it’s a good idea to bring along a travel pillow and face mask — oh, grab some ear plugs, too! You may also like the idea of having a medium sized cozy blanket to keep you warm.

4. Hydration

It is important to stay hydrated when traveling, especially during those long journeys. Drink lots of water the day before you are due to fly out or pack enough water bottles if you’re traveling by car. Hydration items for your outer body are also essential. Keep your lips moisturized with your favorite lip balm, and pack a tube of lotion or body cream to prevent your skin form cracking in changing weather conditions.

5. Journal

Taking trips can be an inspirational experience. New places, new air, new scents, new people all play a factor in the excitement we feel when its time to getaway from it all. Bring a journal on your trip so you have the opportunity to record memories, new ideas or thoughts that may randomly come to mind.

6. Music

Music is often used as a tool for healing and increasing happiness. Some musical vibrations can lower stress levels, reduce apprehension, and elevate the mood. Make a special playlist on your favorite musical device, and load it with tons of songs, nature sounds, and instrumentals. Don’t forget to charge up your device and pack your headphones!

7. Sanitation

Practicing good health is always essential, even more so when traveling to foreign lands. Stock up on sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer to fight off those nasty germs you’re likely to encounter.

8. Snacks

Don’t get caught on your trip feeling hangry and malnutritioned. Fuel your hungry with easily accessible foods and that will give you an energy boost. Some convenient snack items might be: pretzels, mixed nuts, grapes, trail mix, dried fruits, baked potato chips, crackers, jerky, fruit snacks, and more!

9. Travel Protection Pouch

Carrying a Protection Pouch or bag of crystals is one of the oldest and most versatile modalities in crystal healing. Every gemstone has its own vibration and healing property. Carrying stones allow you to connect to their energy and create a force field of protection for the inner and outer self. 

10. good vibes

Trips & vacations are meant to be fun and take your mind away from every day life. Before traveling, perform a meditation ritual or do something that will inspire your mood.

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