Happiness is the place where zen lives...

Each day we are confronted with the challenges and chaos of life. It can be difficult to quiet our minds and focus on the things that truly matter. Yet, it is essential to take action in the midst of confusion and uncertainty.

Practicing “zen things” can help us align our mind, body and soul, resulting in a more peaceful and fulfilled life. To find your zen you must understand the value of your intuition by centering yourself with the most high God, and staying humble in the world around you.

Because we are all unique individuals, there is no “one size fit all” when it comes to finding your personal peace. We will share some of our tried and true zen practices to encourage you to connect and create practices that benefit you best. 

1. Bee Present

We are often so tied up in our busy lives with schedules, appointments and to-do’s, we forget to enjoy the now and live in the present moment. Dedicate a specific time of day to tune out all the chaos and relish in the now. Set an alarm reminder on your device titled “Bee Present”, so when it goes off you know it’s your daily reminder to savor the exact moment you are in. 

Tip: You can use this time to listen to your theme song, read an inspiring quote, or close your eyes and just be. There are so many possibilities, so get creative!

2. Press Pause

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or just need a break from it all, treat your life like a movie and press pause. Close your eyes for a few minutes and turn your focus inward. This simple yet effective practice can help you regain control over your thoughts and put your anxiety as ease. 

3. Read Inspirational Quotes

Taking time to read an inspirational quote every day can motivate and encourage you. However, simply reading a quote may not be enough. Zen is about taking action and living in that moment — when you come across a quote that truly inspires and resonates with you, take the next step and find ways to apply that information to your life.

Tip: Some of the best inspiration comes from the good book…the Bible. Here are some verses to get you started: Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 27:4, Psalm 34:8

4. Let go & Forgive

Letting go and forgiveness go hand in hand. If you’re holding on to pain, resentment, or anything from the past, you are not living in the present. Find ways to forgive yourself and those who have hurt you — take small steps towards releasing and letting go. You will begin to feel your vibrational frequency rise.

Tip: Releasing anything from your life is a freeing and uplifting experience. If you are holding on to clutter or other physical material, start by letting go of things you haven’t used in a year. Read De-clutter Your Life to learn more.

5. Take Deep Breaths

Breathing is a simple practice — we do it all day every day without a thought. However, being mindful of each breath makes this exercise a powerful zen experience. Whenever you want to center yourself, stop and take five deep breaths, remembering you are one with everything around you. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. While you are breathing in, feel the air entering your body through your nose. As you exhale, feel the air releasing from your lips back into the Earth. The key word here is feel…to feel is to be in the moment, being aware of that moment creates positive energy and an authentic appreciation for life.

6. Allow Yourself to Feel

We know everything isn’t always peaches and rainbows, and it would be unrealistic to think that we can merely sweep our feelings under the rug when negative situations occur. This practice is to remind yourself that it is okay to feel exactly what you are feeling at any given moment. Tune in with your sensitivity, be aware of the chaos…just don’t let the chaos become your reality. Instead, allow yourself to let everything simply exist as you return to the deeper reality that is within you.

7. Bee You

Inside each of us is a powerful life force, a beautiful luminous light with the potential to vibrate at it’s highest level with love and healing through Jesus Christ. By simply listening to that inner voice and following God’s light, you are already on the path to finding your zen.

Spread the love. Share your zen practices in the comment box, like this post, and share it with others! 🙂

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